Coming from a quintessential Indian family, I was used to freshly cooked delicious meals everyday. Festivals used to be a big affair, with loads of sweets and snacks being made at home. Food was taken very seriously! :-D

I however didn't realise my love for food until I had to part with deliciousness. This happened when I started living on my own. Within a year, I realised I had to learn cooking, not helping out but actually cook full meals!

Aided by many phone calls to my mom, grandma and aunties, I started cooking. Practice makes a person perfect. This has been so true for me. You guessed it right, my initial meals were barely edible. Well, I have gotten better with time, at least I would like to believe it. :-D

I started cooking when I wasn't staying with my family. My cooking was influenced by them, but also by my friends and my exposure to other cuisines, within India and outside. I absolutely love traditional Indian recipes but I also have a huge passion towards exploring all the other flavours and dishes out there. 

When I cook, I try to pack as much nutrition into my food as possible, without having to compromise on the taste. What you will find here are recipes using different kinds of nutritious flours, traditional superfoods, sweets without refined sugar, lots of eggless desserts, use of less fat, cakes with lots of fruits, all made with natural ingredients and absolutely NO artificial flavouring or colour! There are also lots of recipes, both sweet and savoury, that are traditionally vegan and/or gluten free or keto friendly. You are sure to find such recipes here!